Text Box: ARO - Volcani institute

Text Box: Braun-Miyara’s Lab

Text Box: Nematology Department

Text Box: Current Lab Members

Text Box: Sigal Braun-Miyara

Text Box: Principal Investigator

Text Box: sigalhor@agri.gov.il

Text Box: Rachely Ozalvo

Text Box: Research engineer, administrative/technical assistant.

Text Box: Patricia Bucki

Text Box: Research engineer.

Text Box: Ionit Iberkleid

Text Box: Ph.D. candidate. Research on gene networks and lipid signals governing plant interaction with the RKN Meloidogyne javanica. (Guided by Sigal Brown Horowitz)

Text Box: Daniel Shtriker

Text Box: Developing combined approaches toward reducing the damage caused by the Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne spp. (Guided by Dr Sigal Brown Horowitz and Prof. Abraham Gamliel)

Text Box: pbucki@agri.gov.il


Text Box: Noga Naor

Text Box: Studying the role of AOC genes family in regulating plant response to the Root Knot Nematode Meloidogyne spp (Guided by Dr Sigal Brown Horowitz and Prof  Yitzhak Spiegel)

Text Box: Fatta Bahadur Gurung

Text Box: Former Lab Members

Text Box: Lidia Avrum-Feldman

Text Box: Project student. Research on different combinations of Mi genotypes  in tomato and their resistance to Green House and Breaking Resistance Meloidogine javanica populations.

Text Box: Kobi Izhaki

Text Box: Greenhouse responsible, administrative/technical assistant.

Text Box: Bharathiraja (Raja) Chinnapandi

Text Box: Dissecting the role of transcription factors regulated by fatty acids signals in modulating plant response to nematodes 

Text Box: Laboratory and field studies on the biocontrol agent the predatory nematode Koerneria sudhausi (Nematoda: Diplogastridae) (Guided by Dr Sigal Brown Horowitz and  Prof Yitzhak Spiegel)

Text Box: Qing Xue
Post-doc researcher
Text Box: Nathalia Fitoussi

PhD student