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Text Box: The long-term goal of our research is to reduce the damage caused by plant parasitic nematodes in Agriculture.  Plant Parasitic nematodes are extremely destructive pathogens with a cosmopolitan distribution and a host range that spans most crops. Safety and environmental concerns of toxic nematicides along with lack of natural resistance sources emphasize the need to identify genes and signal mechanisms that determine whether the plant host is susceptible or resistant to nematodes. Our program focuses on applied and basic research which are progressed side by side to accomplish our goals. 
At the basic research we are interested in identifying the molecular genetic processes controlling the plant response to parasitic nematodes. For that purpose we are studying host factors which affect the regulation of nematode development in planta. Specifically we are interested in the role of oxygenated fatty acids derivatives called oxylipins in regulating plant defense response. Ultimately, our studies should lead to creating plants where nematode-inhibiting trait  will be engineered.
At the applied research our study is mainly focuses on the developing of new strategies and approached to reduce nematode damage at the short term these include the use of chemicals, biological control agents and existing resistance sources.

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