ROSMETER: a tool for identification of reactive oxygen species (ROS) transcriptomic signatures

The ROSMETER tool - a brief description:

The ROSMETER is a tool for evaluating the transcriptome imprint related to ROS origin and type (Rosenwasser et al. 2013). It is based on the assumption that the chemical identity, and subcellular localization of ROS will leave an imprint on the transcriptome response (Gadjev et al. 2006; Rosenwasser et al. 2011). Selected microarray experiments that describe alterations in gene expression resulting from the induction of known ROS species and their organelle origin were used to compile indices of up and down regulated genes similarly to a platform described by Volodarsky et al. for hormones treatments (Volodarsky et al. 2009). Transcriptome data is compared to these indices using a vector-based algorithm. The ROSMETER calculates the correlations between user transcriptome data and the indices.