The Freilich Lab

        The Freilich Lab
Systems Biology in Environment & Agriculture


We are a new Systems Biology/Bioinformatics group at Newe-Yaar, just next to Tivon. We are applying and developing computational approaches for the study of systems with agricultural and environmental importance, with the goal of improving existing practices.


Bright Ideas

(1)    The educated design of bacterial communities towards improved bioremediation and bio-production and the rational design of probiotic administration.
(2)    Using next generation sequencing for developing improved plant traits.
For more detailed information see the research page.

Smart Moves

At the lab we develop advanced software tools for competition and matabolic modelling.
For more detailed information see the tools      page



We are located at the beautiful campus of Newe-Yaar, in the midst of an oak grove. In case you are interested in joining us in conducting both exciting and applicative science (well, at least devoutly trying to…)  you are cordially welcome to contact us