The Freilich Lab


   Meet Our Group!

Shiri Freilich

I have joined ARO as a researcher at Jan 2012. I've done my post-doc at the School of Computer Sciences, Tel Aviv University with Eytan Ruppin & Roded Sharan.

I have done my PhD at Cambridge University with Janet Thornton and my MSc with Danny Chamovitz at the
Department of Plant Biology at Tel Aviv University.

Principle Researcher and Head of the lab


Shany Ofaim

PhD Student


I Completed My MSc in Biochemistry and Food science  in the Hebrew university's Faculty of Agriculture, Food and  Environment under the supervision of Prof. Shlomo Sela and Prof. Elazar Fallik.

My main scientific interest is in metabolic modeling networks of integrated bacterial communities and how they can be harnessed for bio-degeradation and bio-remediation


Tamar Lahav

Post Doctorate fellow



Completed my PhD in the Biology Faculty of the Technion, under the supervision of Prof. Dan Zilberstein.

 I did my first Post Doc at the lab of Prof Judith Berman at the University of Minnesota and collaborating with Prof Chad Myers from the Department of Computer Science. 


Eli reuveni

Post Doctorate fellow


I have done my PhD studies with Professor Anna Tramontano
at the La Sapienza university, Rome.During the last seven years I was working as a senior Bioinformatician in the EMBL at Rome 
My main scientific interests focus  on the impact of genetic networks on 
Evolutionary process, namely the filed of evolutionary system biology